HYT PD-502

With its security features and adaptability to support both digital and analog communications, the Hytera PD502 portable digital radio dazzles. It is supplied by a potent loudspeaker and noise-cancelling technology, and offers excellent audio quality even in noisy environments. The Hytera PD-502’s maximum battery power extends its operational time to about 16 hours when used in digital mode.
The radio is ideal for industries like, events, manufacturing, and hospitality environments. Therefore, if you now use analog radios and want to begin transitioning to digital, but not all at once, this digital two-way radio will enable you to program both analog and digital mode so they are compatible with your current radios.

With the help of its pseudo trunk, important conversations can use a free time slot. This significantly improves frequency efficiency and makes this device possible for you to communicate quickly in emergency situations.

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